Zoo trip with DS games console.

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treetops1 | 18:38 Wed 11th Aug 2010 | Family & Relationships
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Just read in the paper about boy in USA dropping his game console in the monkey compound. The ape picked it up and pretended to play with it. My question is why did he have his games console with him. Am I really passed my best ( and really old fashioned )or can children not have a day out without being tied to technology.


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Maybe it was a long car journey to the zoo?
Can understand the kid having it in the car but not to walk round the zoo. That said, my folks used to have the rule that if we brought toys out with us, it was our responsibility and no one else was going to carry it either so maybe there was something like that with this kid too.
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Thankyou for your answers.
my friends went to a pantomime earlier this year, and the chidren in front were playing a games console with the noise on, my friend asked the parents if the children could turn noise off or stop playing, parents replied what do you expect them to do at the theatre!
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Typical of today. Sad I think.
Maybe he was using the camera function, unlikely, but possible :-)
thats children for you! probably taken it for the ride there and kids being kids had whacked it into his pocket because they couldnt bear parting with it. bless um
Can't count the amount of times I have been to restaurants at night and people have their young kids with them watching a portable DVD player!!!

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Zoo trip with DS games console.

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