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milliezoe | 11:20 Mon 24th May 2010 | Family
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Just learnt my daughter has been rushed to hospital and has lost her baby terrible news and hard to come to terms with have not been through this before any help would be most welcome


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Sorry to hear that ♥

How far gone was she?
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She was almost three months and is devastated
Bless her. It's very hard to know what to say in these situations. There's a good chance her body rejected it because there was something wrong. I've had two at app 9 weeks and one at 13 weeks. All you can do is comfort her and remind her that she can try again.
just had the same thing - fortunately my daughter (and her husband) have taken the 'nature knows best' line on this, although very disappointed they have rationalised that there was probably something not quite right. About 1 in three pregnancies ends this way, it's very much more common than many people realise. The way I look at it is exactly the same as my daughter - something wasn't up to scratch and Nature sorted it out. Just imagine how many babies are born each day and multiply that by a third - it really is a staggering amount - it happens in the animal kingdom as natural selection. Of course you and your daughter are upset but things will get better and next time all will be well I'm sure. Keep positive, that's the best thing you can do.
massive hugs to your daughter and yourself.. its very hard to deal with miscarriages. I personally have had 3 and still now i look back and think about it. I had to take one day at a time. I always gave myself a reason of it wasnt meant to be.. but still hurts like hell
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Been to see my daughter she is drained and very upset she had to have a blood transfusion and a d/c but is trying to be positive and saying that mother nature says something was not right maybe next time will be good news I must say it reduced me to tears but trying to be positive thanks for your replys
it happened to me, too. it is crushing but for me, I've convinced myself that something may have been seriously wrong with the baby.

it's not a huge consolation, and you can only be there to comfort your daughter. I wish her well x
Happened to me too, one piece of advice that sounds odd, mark the calender when the baby would have been due and be ready to offer some extra TLC then... I know from my own experience and that of others both at work and inmy social circle the expected birth day can sometimes bring all the pain flooding back...
Good idea Rowan. I hadn't thought of that.
awwwww im so sorry to hear that millie. Miscarriage is awful and although you may of never met the little one the love is there and will always be and you need to grieve. As someone who has suffered from miscarriage myself i would say that although its a terrible thing to happen, it happened for a reason.
Ive personally planted a little tree out the back for my little one and on the anniversary of his death i always take a minute to remember him i also have given him a name.
so sorry to hear that as people have said its the bodies way of telling you something was wrong with the baby and it had to reject it. Its more common than people think nowadays but that doesnt make it any easier especially so far gone. Just be there for her. Some people like to talk about it some dont. When my mate had to abort her baby at 6 months I just said 'right I'll ask you this now, Are you happy to talk about it or would you rather I avoid the subject?' she wanted to talk about her it helped her grieve.
My missus had a miscarriage at almost exactly the same time as your daughter. We were devasted but realised that it must have been for a reason. We tried again a few months later and are now the proud parents of a healthy 7 month old girl.
contact the misscarrige assosiation xxxx
milliezoe - my thoughts are with you all. you were a great comfort to me a few weeks ago, and it was very much appreciated.

it really does get easier with time, but i didnt want anyone telling me that, nor did i want the usual cliches. but they are true, it was natures way, it wasnt anyones fault, and it doesnt mean it will effect future pregnancies.

love to you all xx

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