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anderlee | 13:23 Wed 27th Aug 2008 | Family
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i know this is not the right section but it might get a quicker answer.

if somebody rents a private flat and the landlord wont fix the problems with that flat (no lighting or no electric) what can you do or complain to? the landlord wont even answer his fone. Its my auntys neighbour, the guy owns the house and has 3/4 flats in the house. he never deals with the problems, what can she do??


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well you're helpful aren't you??

FYI she has paid up. my aunty has had problems too and she always pays on time so shut up.
does she have a contract because i think that helps. you could go to a solicitor for advice, some do free advice so call around. i would probably try the CAB first though as they will know who you can complain to. sorry i cant help anymore
If it is all above board she should have a tenancy agreement. I would suggest writing to the landlord (send it by registered post) asking for the works to be attended to within 7 days. If she gets no response I would get in contact with the council who can serve a notice or get further advise from CAB as aims suggested. If she has no electric ect this is very serious and I would contact the environmental health at the council straight away if no joy contacting the landlord.

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landlord problems

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