Homework for my 9 year old help!

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ellywellywoo | 20:07 Fri 20th Apr 2007 | Family
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My 9 year old for her homework has to find out what the prime minister does.

I need a website that gives out this info on this and also a bit about the government and other parties.

However everything we have found on the internet is written in such an adult way she just doesnt understand it.

Anyone know of a website for kids that will help her.

Homework has to be in Monday so no time to write to No 10.

Thanks in advance


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Hi ellywellywoo :o)

I found this but not sure how much help it will be! It compares the UK prime ministers job to the US Presidents, maybe some useful bits for your daughters homework :o) des/world/us_presidency/newsid_3717000/3717872 .stm
If you search about the site it has an interview with Gordon Brown which may tell your daughter a bit more about government, sorry I can't be of more help.
Is this any good - this is mainly a US site, but has a lot of useful info and is aimed at kids. 0.html This has a day in the life of the primeminister film. Watching will maybe easier for her than reading about it.
Probably too late now but for future reference check out the No 10 Downing Street website:

It's aimed at adults but a helpful parent could probably explain some of it in simpler terms.

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Homework for my 9 year old help!

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