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Why Could I Be Struggling To Get A Boyfriend?

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abbeylee90 | 17:37 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I know this might sound abit needy but feel like guys don't like me they speak to me on dating apps but seems they on it for a laugh as don't ask for a date. I know years ago it my fault I went on few dates and covid got in the way but made no effort ever since my luck with guys been going wrong.



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Read your questions on here carefully and then comeback and honestly tell us you still don't know why!

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And last date changed his mind

There probably is no reason, abbey.  You just haven't met the man you really click with.  

But don't forget you changed your mind about yesterday's date.  It happens.  

I'd suggest ditch the apps and get out and meet guys in the real world.  



Question Author

Hazinly don't seem that simple

Don't you ever meet anyone in pubs or clubs abbey?

There must be lots of rugby clubs in your area with social events
where you might meet up with someone.

Sometimes when there is no light at the end of the tunnel you have to stamp down there and turn the light on for yourself. 

Do you practice the art of flirting or eye contact with attractive men on nights or days out? 

Have you set your POF profile to wanting "serious relationship" or even "marriage" so you can be matched with like minded men?

Question Author

I met men other night but they were from London 

If you got on well with them it bodes well for when you start chatting up local lads or when they approach you.

When you do meet someone online and they want a date you always seem to find something wrong with them. 

Question Author

Yeah only one I've liked so far 

What happened to him?  

Question Author

He changed his mind and said he going travelling 

Maybe the one you binned off last night could have been 'the one' but you will never know now.


Personally I could never use a dating app because I like to know people first.  My previous partners have all been met through friends or hobbies so we have had something in common, but I have never felt the need to have a boyfriend just because my friends have got one.  Now quite happy living on my own with just my dogs for company.

Abbey, you could be struggling to get a boyfriend because you're so desperate to get a boyfriend! You might have better luck when you're more relaxed, not in so much of a rush.

If your posts are anything to go by, I'd suggest you're too needy, too indecisive and too desperate for attention.

Mozz I imagine all those things are true but Abbey probably has no control over them.  

Question Author

I don't come across as desperate to guys

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Why Could I Be Struggling To Get A Boyfriend?

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