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Do You Think I Should Call Animal Control On My Dad?

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Cindy1302 | 01:25 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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My dad, and I have always had a good relationship. There's one thing I don't like about him. He thinks hitting a dog is necessary when training one, when I know that positive reinforcement works. My dad's lives in Arizona, and I live in Oregon. So I was just on the phone with him, and he said that he got a dog. A few days ago. I know how he is about training dogs. I asked him to please not hit the dog. He was like "im not mean like I used to be" (he used to kick the family dog for chewing up a shoe) and im afraid hes doing the same thing to his current dog. Well I know my dads address, and I was thinking if calling animal control to pay him a visit. It really pains me to do this, and it will probably ruin our relationship, but I feel its the right thing to do. What do you think?



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Simple answer - No.

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But he's abusing his dog

You say you are afraid he is but you're not there so how do you know for certain?  Also, it would cause ill-feeling.


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You are considering reporting your father on the assumption that he is hitting his dog. 

There is nothing to be gained and everything to lose. 

So many of your posts seem to be about reporting people- your dad, your neighbours, your bosses.... Have you ever followed through and reported anyone?

How old are you? Has the explosion or fire you were going to report happened?Has any one become sick because of the "iffy" cleaning going on.

Do you really want to alienate your father because he might be mean to the dog.why not report "God" for all the trouble in the world today

Did you do anything about him when you thought he might abuse his girlfriend's dog?  If not and he does abuse this one then you only have yourself to blame.  

When you get chance, please can you update us on this thread.

Did your report yourself on this?

And did you report your auntie about her cleaning practices?

Did you report him about this last time?

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Do You Think I Should Call Animal Control On My Dad?

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