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What Should I Do About This Girl Who Lets Her 13 Year Old Smoke Weed?

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Cindy1302 | 19:46 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Last night I was playing a game online with a really good childhood friend. One of her friends joined the party. I have an idea of who it was. Someone I talked to a little bit in highschool, and we are friends on Facebook, but other than that we never talk. Or it could have been someone I didn't know at all. Anyways, this girl sends my friend a picture. All I heard was my friend said "why Is there weed underneath him? Is he doing drugs?". The girl responded with "what? He's old enough to smoke. Hes 13". My friend was just like "well, I was smoking when I was 13" then she just dropped it. I know that letting a 13 year old smoke is bad for their developing brain, so I feel like I should have said something, but I didnt. I also didn't really know that until afterwords when I looked it up.



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why do you haave to do anything?

What could you do?  It's not your business.

Mind your own business 

If you are real you need counselling

Nothing to do with you, leave it alone.

You're always wondering if you should do one thing or another, Cindy.  It's just none of your business - leave it!

You could ask the 13 year old for a few drags of her spliff and chillax.

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What Should I Do About This Girl Who Lets Her 13 Year Old Smoke Weed?

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