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Am I Wrong To Apply For A Job In A City 110 Miles From Me?

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Treacle71 | 17:00 Mon 01st Jan 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I applied for a job really to 'test the water '. It's been a dream of mine for decades to move from where I am and start a new life somewhere else. I don't have any support in this city I'd my mind on, but I thought 'Oh well, see what happens'. Anyway, I got an interview, but turned it down as I had to keep a hospital appointment I was given the same day and I told them this. I then applied for the same job about 6 months after, as they readvertised it, but this time they didn't short list me.

Now my mum tells me how stupid of me to apply for a job so far away when I don't even live there, let alone having no intention of going for the interview and now she said they've black-listed me, but I couldn't go initially anyway because of my hospital appointment. Why do I keep messing up? Am I wrong to apply or is my mum right, that yes I am stupid? 😥. I only wanted to 'test the water' there.


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At over 50 you should live how you want to live.
18:58 Mon 01st Jan 2024

Timewasters really peed me off whenever I was involved in recruiting.

Treacle- you're aged in your 50s and don't live with your mum, so you should be living your life as you want. It's understandable thought that your Mum would be worried about seeing less of you if you move so far away.

It's hard starting fresh somewhere new as you get older but not impossible but... Do your research then if you find a place that offers what you need long term as you may also end up retiring there, then start applying for work in that area.   

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Are you related to Abbey?

Treacle is far too fluent with English, miffy..., but yes, there are similarities in attitude and indecisiveness. 

Yea I thought it was Abby but grammar much better

Question Author

Who's Abby? 🤔

At over 50 you should live how you want to live.

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