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Would This Be Weird?

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abbeylee90 | 22:56 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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This guy from dogs home said his mate has asked him to go to some pub tomorrow and said I can if I want would it be weird if I went?



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//I appreciate he being kind giving me lifts and going for lunch but he does my head in grabbing me to do it all the time as I'm leaving where I know him from I got things I need to do myself feel like he obsessed with me//

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I cancelled anyway 

Karamia said it for me @22:38.

And your statement Abbey that adults don't want to worry their don't tell them everything. This tells me that you're uncomfortable with this...and you know it!

Something just doesn't feel right. 

So you're not going?


We have all tried to help you  without using any bad language; there have been no personal attacks or profanity. There has been no name-calling, harassment or abuse.

In some respects I feel sorry for the older Dog walker.  Is Abbey sending out the wrong signals and secretly enjoying the attentiom.  I wonder what she wears for dog walking?!

13.09  That's impressive - not so daft then?  Go, have one drink and then say you have to be somewhere else.

Moorea.  It was a simple "copy and paste" 

Relieved that the meeting has been cancelled by Abbey

13.38  I know that, Floko!!!  Just thought it was impressive of Abbey to quote it as she's not usually that bright.  Pardon me if I'm wrong!

She was having a pop at me 🤣

13.38 I felt the same!  

Question Author

Floko it wasn't aimed at you 

As Floko @ 13:27

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