Are The Willingly Unvaccinated Bad People?

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Cindy1302 | 22:44 Mon 27th Dec 2021 | Family & Relationships
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That's a tough one to answer - there's too many to begin to guess at their qualities or lack of them.
It'd be far too much of a generalisation to say 'Yes'(or 'No').

PS And 'bad' is a very broad word, with a wide range of implications.
Should be whipped to an inch of their miserable existence.

Not the 4 or 5 I know.
2 (husband and wife) are very spiritual people who believe in Karma and are suspicious of governmental figures. They are lovely and do a lot with relaxation classes to relieve stress and help people. Both very intelligent.

The others are a nephew, his wife and one of their daughters. Again, intelligent people, but very unsure about a) not fully tried vaccines in the first place and b) unsure now they've seen some nasty side effects and then c) just won't be forced and bullied by government and Covid passports. They are good, charitable people and chapel-goers.
None of them have caught Covid. All of them have groups of friends who agree with them.
Agree with the first 2 answers

//None of them have caught Covid.//
Good to hear but thats got very little to do with having or not having the vaccine... . the vaccine helps slightley but its more down to luck and behaviours, following guidance and been sensible
They are just misguided.
Damn savages...
They're disingenuous in the extreme. Flog them until good sense emerges or leave them to rot.
I can't speak for all of them but I'm certainly no prize.
Should be whipped to an inch of their miserable existence.

I would not be quite that harsh
They should be at the back of the queue for treatment and ventilators though and have their movements restricted like currently in Austria
Interesting that the friends mentioned who are refusing the drug are spiritual. it reminds me of the story of the man trapped on a roof with flood waters rising and prays to God to save him. A man in a rowing boat stops and asks if he needs help, "No says the man, my God will save me". Shortly after, a helicopter hovers overhead. Again he refuses help and shortly after he drowns. He asks God why didn't he save him. God replies " I sent a man in a boat and a helicopter, was that not enough?"
No, of course not !

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Are The Willingly Unvaccinated Bad People?

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