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I Would Like Your Help With A Family Issue I Am Having

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Empowerer | 14:11 Sun 27th Jun 2021 | Family & Relationships
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Hi Everyone,
I would be grateful for your advice with regards to a problem I’m having.
Approximately four weeks ago I was walking through a park in Cambridge where I live late one Sunday afternoon.
As I was doing so I heard a car approximately 20 metres away tooting its horn.
I looked up at the car but didn’t recognise any of the occupants so didn’t acknowledge the tooting.
The car tooted its horn again and again I didn’t acknowledge the tooting because I didn’t recognise anyone in the car…..
The car then drove off and I thought nothing more about it.
However, I’ve tried to contact my sister several times since and she has not taken any of my calls.
At first I couldn’t understand why as we have a close relationship having gone through quite a difficult and traumatic childhood together.
Thinking about it now I believe that the people in the car where my sister and her children visiting my other sister in Cambridge during the school holidays and the reason why she is not taking my telephone calls is because she believes I slighted her. However, I genuinely did not recognise her in the car and wouldn’t in any event have slighted her
I am wondering how to deal with this incident as I don’t want it to drag on and become a Meghan / Thomas Markle standoff.
It is my fervent desire to resolve the situation as quickly as possible so hopefully me and my sister can get back to being good friends
I have held off contacting her for four weeks to let the situation cool and I tried to call her this morning but again she is not taking my call. (She is quite a stubborn person.)
What should I do? Should I try and go and see her in person where she lives in Surrey (90 miles away), should I contact her by letter or should I just email her again?
Any suggestions would be gratefully received
Kind Regards


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If she is being so childish, I would stop trying to contact her. Let her contact you in the fullness of time, or ask your other sister be the peacemaker.
16:46 Sun 27th Jun 2021
Why not contact the sister she was visiting. She might know something. Otherwise write a letter explaining what happebed
Simple message via email etc or even a short note.

Was that you in the car that was tooting?

I couldn't make out the occupants from that distance.

If so I wasn't ignoring you.

Love x
Have you checked with your Cambridge sister whether or not your Surrey sister was visiting?
Has your Cambridge sister been in contact with the other sister recently?
If it was your sister wouldn't she of got out rather than drive off.
why would she think you had slighted her Empower?
things like that happen all the time, you didn't recognise the car so that should be that, have you an email address for her? seems odd she'd take Umbridge for such a trivial matter
If she is being so childish, I would stop trying to contact her. Let her contact you in the fullness of time, or ask your other sister be the peacemaker.
When the absolute obvious first answer is to contact the other sister who lives in the same place as you (and why would they visit each other without telling you?) I assume she's blocking you too? Can't think of any other reason that would draw you to asking this on the internet on a site you've never used before.
You didn't recognise your sister from 20 metres?
I appreciate she was inthe car, but she recognised HER sister, so why not stop the car or wind the windows down?

What is the realistic probability that it actually was her?

If you and your sister were such good friends she would not be blocking you and both of you would be laughing about the incident.

wolf......don't you mean what is the probability that this is a windup?
sqad - or someone who worries and analyses every incident that happens.

I can be like that, but I know that I am like that ...'re lovely -;)
I wonder if we'll get a reply. Or is he giggling to himself?
Well Buddy I have got three sisters and I often have a lot of fighting and misunderstanding among us. But when I want resolve it I often treat them or give something that make them happy along with a big apology by facing them directly because it is not something you can resolve on mobile phone or by an email. So I hope it works for you too.
Hi! LUFFY/empowerer.......I admire your determination.

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I Would Like Your Help With A Family Issue I Am Having

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