Do You Walk Like Your Father Or Mother? Is Our Walking Style Gentic?

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rodknee93 | 22:59 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Family
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is the way we walk a gentic thing? Like passed down almost? Just curious as my cousin walks exactly like my uncle (his dad) Like exactly alike, why is this? Who do you walk like?


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I walk like a man.....que song...
>>> is the way we walk a genetic thing?

Simple answer: Yes, to a certain degree.

Very, very, very complex answer:
(I've got a degree in mathematics, with a specialism in statistics, but I don't find that lot easy reading!)

It's amazing what gets studied in universities across the world, isn't it? ;-)

Oh, I think that I do walk quite like my father used to, as well!
An Egyptian
LOL. ^^^^^
Neither. We used to own a bow legged chicken and a knock kneed hen and so I tended to walk with a wiggle and a giggle and a squawk.
Sometimes I would wiggle and waddle just like a baby duck.
We lived in Tennessee.
Was a popular Holte end ( Villa Park ) song that with errrrm slightly different lyrics back in the 70's, Barsel.
I used to perform this song for my Dad when I was a young girl. Never failed to make him laugh.
I should imagine that it did, Barsel.
My daughter walks like her father. He wasn't around since she was eight.
i totter now, which is not a good look, bad knees put paid to walking fast, i don;t know who i take after as dad and mum were divorced when i was 12.
Barsel that made me Lol, when we girls went away 3 yrs ago to Lanzarote, there’s a video of me doing theTennessee Wig Walk , the grey goose flowed that night hah
Like my dad. We walk like we're walking in a gale. His brothers are the same as well. I have most of his mannerisms, my sister is more like my mum. My sister looks like my dad and I look like my mum.
I think I walk like a mad old geisha .... I never stride so I take small steps and if I need to go fast I make small steps faster! I don't recall anyone in my family doing the same! Mind you my eyes have always tilted up at the outside edges so there maybe something in the family history that is showing in me......... now that would be an interesting history to discover!!
To walk behind my grandson and his Dad , they walk identically ,right foot very slightly turned in
My youngest grand daughter walks exactly like my father even as far as she often puts her hands behind her when walking yet she never met him.
Bobbs, shame you can't post the video on here. :-) x
I could but I won’t haha
Given a similar body, skeleton, musculature, etc. one is likely to naturally develop a similar style of walking. But other than that, I doubt it. One doesn't deliberately try to copy another's walking style.

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Do You Walk Like Your Father Or Mother? Is Our Walking Style Gentic?

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