Sick Child Has Been Affected By Momo Challenge

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newbie99 | 06:00 Fri 17th Apr 2020 | Family
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A few weeks back I have been posting about my son being sick caused by a number symptoms, including nausea, abdominal pain, shiver, joint pains, blurry vision. To date, none of the Dr gave an answer to why he complained with those symptoms. Then I discovered that the attacks (symptoms) are extremely severe during night time, just before he goes to sleep.
Last night I decided to sleep next to him to care for him. During this, we talked about things and stories.
Then he opens up and tells me that he always see a clown and hear the fair ground music.

He told me that this makes him scared and makes his whole body shiver, tensed. I asked him when did this started, and he said about a year ago. When I tried to explain that these fictional and not real to ease him off. Bear in mind he is 12 yrs old. During this sleep time, he did not complained the symptoms.
Is this a coincidence or is it the things he sees and hear in his minds affecting his mental health to have these symptoms he complained about. What do people think?

Another thing I would like to add is that I noticed that he complained that his jaw was in pain during day time. Then during his sleep I hear very bad jaw / teeth grinding noise. It is like his jaw was going break (noise was so loud it woke me up). Maybe he is very tensed that causes him to do this.

What help I can I get to resolve his health issue? Anyone has children which had suffered anxiety and affected by similar situations to I described above.


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Take him to see your GP as soon as possible.
take him to GP, this child needs some professional help
Definitely see the GP.
The teeth grinding at night is not uncommon and there is something that can help with that.
You mention the Momo challenge (viral hoax) in the title but I'm not sure where this fits in
Question Author
Fiction factory - Momo challenge is always in his mind and the scary clown fair ground music. So he can't sleep as he always sees and hear these in his mind.
I'll say it again newbie, take him to see your GP as soon as possible.
Question Author
Yes I will talk to the GP today. This is a new discovery so it's worth mentioning to the GP.
not just fictional but apparently a hoax....Momo not the OP
Does he have a phone or tablet. If so what is he watching. Had to stop grandson watching certain programmes because of nightmares and bad behavioe
It may also be worth googling your local camhs number. You can refer your child yourself, and they will give you advice (child and adolescent mental health services).
see a dentist about getting a mouthguard to wear at night (slips over the upper or lower teeth and you quickly get used to it; they're made for teeth grinders.) I don't think they're on the NHS, though.
Clown fear is very real a lot of people fear them, I hope he gets some kind of counselling to rid his head of what’s bothering him, good luck

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Sick Child Has Been Affected By Momo Challenge

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