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Am I Right To Be Upset? - 15 Yr Old Girl And Her Mum

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livomalley | 22:44 Sun 09th Aug 2015 | Family & Relationships
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It was my fifteenth birthday. My mum told me to go study maths. I went up to my room and cried because I was lonely and miss my family (they all live in London)
Next thing I hear is my 12 yr old brother and 7 yr old sister screaming and crying like someone's being murdered 'stop you're going to die, stop!!! you'll die stop please!!" etc etc. I come running downstairs still crying and screaming myself, expecting to find my mum about to slit her throat or something. Instead my little brother has a packet of her super strong painkillers and she's sitting on the edge of her bed, after already taking four pills. She was going to overdose to get my dad's attention, hoping he would see how desperately we want to move home. He knows though!! OD'ing on your kids 15th birthday isn't the right answer!!

This isn't the first time she's gone mental, I remember grabbing my baby sister from her when I was 7 years old because she was (im pretty sure) about to throw her down the stairs. She came into my siblings and dad with a fabric belt around her neck screaming 'pull it, pull it, I'm already dead!'

She makes me and my brother+sister so scared sometimes:( Do I have a right to be mad? I haven't even explained a quarter of the awful things she's done... Or am I being insensitive to the fact that she's lonely?


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Have you talked to anybody about this? Its too much responsibility for a teenager. Can I suggest Childline?
You miss your family but you're living with your mum, sister and brother?
Family consists of much more than parents and siblings.
Question Author
Thanks woofgang, I'm just too afraid that they'll tell my mum or something..

and yeah zacsmaster I do, I need more than my siblings to talk to - not being smart, just honest
Where are you living?
Question Author
ireland- but we dont get to go to london much because of money
She is screaming for help, that's for sure. What is also for sure is that you are too young for this responsibility - so you are in order to be upset. If it helps I came home on the eve of my 16th birthday party to find the house on fire! All my friends came anyway next day and helped to wash off smoke-blackened walls etc..

You are 15. Your doctor will take you seriously and I suggest that you start with a visit there and tell him/her everything. Good luck. :)
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Thanks Jourdain2
Thought so because of the name.

Does your Dad know how bad it is?

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Am I Right To Be Upset? - 15 Yr Old Girl And Her Mum

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