child-rearing practices of Filipinos with other nationalities

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kcuhc | 07:19 Tue 19th Jun 2012 | Family
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what are the child-rearing practices of Filipinos and other nationalities?


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good luck with your homework!

a trip to the library is needed perhaps?

cath x
Welcome to AB Chuck. Do you mean Phillipinos?
Do the child-rearing practice of Filipinos vary from anyone else's? They live on little islands, perhaps they spend more time in boats than other people, and they work very hard.

Other than that - I am sure your tutor will have pointed you to suitable reading material.
Would Filipino mothers and fathers not do the best they could for their children, like parents all over the world?
what's a Phillipino, tenrec? - is it a relative of HRH?!
I think it is a type of owl.
Ah, the greater bat-eared Phillipino!
Bit like my profile pic.
I beliveve they live in nests : )
They spoil them rotten.
The parents are more indulgent that ours here in UK.

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child-rearing practices of Filipinos with other nationalities

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