Whos googling you?

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EvianBaby | 23:38 Wed 07th Mar 2012 | Family
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Do you ever wonder who might be looking you up online?

I applied for a house today and just thought to myself, I wonder if they'd put my name into Facebook, twitter and google to see if they can find anything about me.


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nope never wondered, not that i remember
I was just thinking about that today.

There used to be an app which would tell you exactly who's been looking at your facebook, but I think facebook closed it down.
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I'm not particularly bothered about it, I don't put anything on there I wouldn't want anyone to see. Just the thought of a relative stranger typing my name into google is a bit odd.
im a relative stranger evian but i see you coming up on my fb pretty often in the people you may know bit (least im guessing its you) and i didnt even have to google or look you up lol... i guess we are 'out there' more than we realise....
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The real me or the Evian me?

I know how everyone says Facebook is watching our every move but I have often thought if it really was spying on me it wouldn't suggesst I be 'friends' with half the people it does. I hate their guts! lol
lol at fb suggesting people you hate, i sat one night and blocked every single person in my town that i didnt speak to cos i was sick of them asking my kids if i had fb

no, its not the real you its an evian one :) that made me laugh as well.....thought there was only me had a real me one and a online me one
I've just Googled my AB user name and come up with some funny stuff - none of it me lol! As for FB -why do so many people not bother with the security settings and let everyone in the world see their personal stuff -even pics of their children -madness!

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Whos googling you?

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