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AB Editor | 09:21 Mon 25th Jul 2011 | Family & Relationships
48 Answers

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Who is better at looking after children?

  • Parents - 77 votes
  • 64%
  • Grandparents - 44 votes
  • 36%

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True ummmm. Home ownership is not common in many other countries. It wasn't here until the late sixties and then Maggie did her thing and it went out of proportion. We were made to think that it was the only thing worth doing.

Looking back now, I would be a lot richer if we lived in a council house!! True we have an asset, but what good is it to me.

A few more years I will have to sell it to fund my stay in a care home!!!

I feel old now!!!
It's the only thing I've houses.

My Grandad gave me the money to buy my first house.....without him I wouldn't have been able to.

So...back to the OP....grandparents are bloody
I never had any grandparents that I remember and my kids only have my mum, who lives a fair bit away, is nearly 80 and has had a hip replacement, so for us, it has to be us parents and no other options. One of my brothers had his kids young (2 before they were 21) and they had them off their hands while they were still quite young, only to be dumped on by having their grandchildren! Virtually every weekend they have one lot or the other - whilst my brother loves them dearly and is fab with kids, I think he is getting mighty fed up with it. He is still only 53 and think that he finds it hard to put his foot down - it's like saying he doesn't love them or something in his head.
My Mum used to look after my daughter on a Tuesday afternoon when I worked. besides that she's babysat once (My daughter is 19 now) the second time I asked her she said she couldn't do it as she had to tidy her bedroom....

I never asked her again!!
ummmm my lovely Grandma helped me buy my first house, like you and your Grandad, without her I couldn't have done it. She would have done anything for me with her unconditional love. I miss her evey day of my life. Worth their weight in gold grandparents.
None of my grandparents owned their homes ummmm. My parents bought their first house when they were in their forties and likewise with Mr LL's parents. You were lucky.

I consider I am lucky now in that I have inherited half a house and a bit of land - it will help will my old age :o(

Annie. I feel for your brother. Too many young people seem to dump their children on their grandparents these days. They seem to take it for granted that grandparents won't mind. I have already told my son that I am not up for that.
me neither LL - I don't mind helping out a wee bit as I know how tough it is when you have no options at all, but at the end of the day, just as it was our decision to have kids not my mums - If they expect me to look after their kids, I want to be included in the decision!!!
LL...I was born quite a few years before the war. Which, at the least, makes me 80 minus, (my brain perhaps). Perhaps the Ed has a list of Old peoples homes in the Gower area and can recommend one, just in case Viv or I need such accommodation. Although, at the moment I saying.."Please don't send me to a gnome".


41 to 48 of 48rss feed

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