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Parent carers

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sherrardk | 22:13 Thu 21st Jul 2011 | Family & Relationships
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Does anyone know what a parent carer is? I received some gumpf through the post today, which I assume I received because I am investigating getting a statement for my youngest child (who is 3 1/4). It irritated me because I don't see his problem as being such a big deal that I would need some support group or other and the touchy-feeley approach of our local health authority. (Also wondered just how much does all this 'support' cost that could be spent elsewhere.) PS - do realise that there are people with children who have problems who genuinely need and benefit from support groups.


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I think maybe parent carer is being a little bit more than a parent, for a child with special needs or a disability, where there may be more work/care needed than usual. At the moment my little boy is needing "physio" exercises each day, portage, speech and language help, so maybe I fit into this category.

Support is usually "free" at least not much cost involved. A lot of people benefit from support groups and the help of others in a similar position, but if you do not feel that you want any support - just say so.

I do think sometimes the "professionals" can be very irritating. But the help is there but only if you want or need it.
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Hi Kassee - my son doesn't speak but we can communicate and he gets speech therapy. I think your last paragraph sums it up really, just find it so patronising. Hope you get all the support that you need and that your son's issues are short term ones.
This link, I feel sure, won't actually 'help' you in any way at all but it's content might at least go some way towards explaining the idea of 'parent caring' (which, after all, is what your first sentence asks about!):


Unless you'll have internet access while you're on holiday, we're going to miss you for a while :(
Have a great time anyway!
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Thanks for the link Chris - think I am irritated at the amount of money that must be wasted on poor targeting of such help (or maybe I am more annoyed at the namby-pambyingness of it all?).

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Parent carers

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