Surnames of parents of birth certificates?

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nellypope | 16:19 Tue 19th May 2009 | Pregnancy
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I have just got married, but I am also 5 months pregnant. My husband doesn't recommend changing my name with the NHS yet, as he doesn't want to risk any "patient mix-ups"? However I want the babies birth certificate to have my name with my new surname.

Is it possible to take the marriage certificate with you at the time of registering a birth so that I can keep my maiden name for my pregnancy appointments but have my new married name on the birth certificate? just a lot easier to change my name with the NHS?


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I'd just go ahead and change your name, the NHS uses numbers to keep track of people, I've had 2 surnames and a years ago someone made a spelling mistake on my 1st name - sometimes I get called the wrong thing (not often) but, they always seem to have the right notes! Your hand held notes are the most important bit anyway, they don't keep much info about you and its almost the same as whats in your copy.

You can give the baby any name you like (including surname). Also, the registrars will have all the info on their computer when you go to register the birth - they will ask you for the date of marriage etc so that they can add this to the birth certificate - if you are concerned, then take the marriage certificate with you. You can register the birth on your own as long as you are married to the father.

However, as k8 says, if you want to change your name so that you all have the same surname on your medical records, it will be absolutely fine.

Don't worry - just chill and enjoy your pregnancy and your baby when the time comes.
if you want your married name on the birth certs then change your name with NHS records NOW.
I wanted my maiden name on my childs birth cert and not my divorced name. Unfortunately i didnt realise that i had to have same as the NHS had and couldnt use anything but my divorced name.

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Surnames of parents of birth certificates?

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