almost 39 weeks pregnant

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Fairie | 12:23 Fri 13th Feb 2009 | Pregnancy
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hi all

Im almost 39 weeks, at my 38 week appointment on wednesday i was told the baby is already 8lb plus. she also said my huge bump is all baby as i'm not carrying a lot of water. He is fully engaged and has been for at least 2-3 weeks. I can feel pressure on my pelvis all the time and feel his every move!

How can i persuade him to join the outside world!!


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ok i always get laughed at when i say this but nipple stimulation is one to try, it can get the uterus contracting.
There are others too
sex, not always what a full term pregnant woman wants
Clary sage, a few drops in your bath
evening primrose oil capsules placed on cervix
a long walk
curry (chinese is best apparently, worked for me)
fresh pineapple, but you need to eat a lot lol

but really baby will arrive as and when he decides.

good luck
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I tried pineapple about 2 weeks ago, gave me serious heartburn and cut my tongue!! lol

walking kills me... just a walk around asda is enough as pelvis is sore. But i have changed the kids bedroom's round yesterday, though that would have helped (i didn't lift anything too heavy of course)

Sex is defo off limits!

i think i'll have a good curry tonight!! although i'm a whimp when its comes to anythin hot.

I'll also try nipple stimulation i think

how would you place an evening primrose capsule on cervix?!?!?

i have no idea! i couldnt even see my bits, let alone contort myself to do that lol

chinese curry is milder (i hate hot foods)

Have you got a birthing ball (like a gym ball)? you could try rocking on it to encourage pressure on your cervix perhaps.

i sat on a dining chair facing the back for the last 2 days before i went into labour as it gets babys head in right position and also encourage optimum positioning ie front to back.
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i cant remember the last time i saw my bits either!! he is in the right position already, hardly has room to move much now i just feel him trying to stretch... hurts like hell! lol
yep, i remember that! lol.
i just know that with my first i went to 42+3 before he finally came out because all my (painless luckily) contractions did nothing. he was fully engaged from 36 weeks but didnt have his head in quite the right position to cause the cervix to open.
I heard that crawling around on all fours helps too! So does raspberry leaf tea.
The Nottingham Park & Ride bus did it for me.. the bumpiest journey in the world!!!
drinking casta oil is ment to be really good to bring it on. or, you could ask your nurse for a stretch and sweep!

Good luck
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I'm still here!! now 39 weeks and a day!! hes been engaged over 3 weeks, my pelvis feels like it will snap soon! I've tried raspberry tea, nipple stimulation, hot curry, chilli, nothing has worked so far! I'm at hos tomorrow to see midwife and consultant, i'll ask for a sweep x

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almost 39 weeks pregnant

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