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been trying for a baby but my partner has just changed his mind!

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alocinturner | 14:04 Wed 21st Jan 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hi My partner and I have been trying for a baby for the past couple of month, and we had unprotected sex on Sunday when I had worked out I was supposed to be ovulating yesterday my partner suddenly changed his mind and asked if it was too late for me to take the morning after pill. It turns out he has suddenly realised that he wont be able to have the social life he has and wont be able to buy all the things he wants in life. we went to the walk in centre and I explained the situation to the nurse and she asked for a sample so she can confirm that i'm not pregnant before she gave me the pill. when I went to do a sample, i realised that I had been spotting (i never spot) so I talked to the nurse and she went to get the doctor who had a chat with me and asked about other events of unprotected sex and I told him we'd had it a few times over the last couple of weeks. The Doctor thens said the spotting could very well be implantation bleeding and it could be too late so now I need to wait and see if I miss my next period because I probably won't produce enough hormone in my system to be detected for a few days. So I refused to take the pill before speaking to my partner and now it's too late to take it. My partner says he doesn't mind if it turns out that I am pregnant but he would prefer it that I wasn't - now I don't know what to do because now he has changed his mind, i'm worried I won't feel that sense of joy when I get a positive result - I feel like he has ruined a time that I should be excited! is there anyone else who has had a similar problem? I think it is cruel for him to get my hopes up and then snatch it all away because of his selfishness - my head is in bits!

any friendly advice would be much appreciated!


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been trying for a baby but my partner has just changed his mind!

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