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Hi all, have been feeling something a bit strange...

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mountainboo | 14:42 Tue 11th Dec 2007 | Pregnancy
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For the past 3 or 4 days, every so often I'll feel what I can only describe as a faint pulse, but it's not mine or babys' because its too slow and will last for about 4 minutes. It'll usually happen on left side of abdomen where baby will be and he'll move around afterwards. Also, other times the whole lower part of my tummy will spasm for a millisecond for about 6 or 7 times, almost like he has the hiccups or something. Surely it's too early for me to feel if he has hiccups yet? Does anyone have similar. Another thing, does anyone else get really bad wind because recently I have terrible wind all the way through the night and we're talking about the sort that'd knock you out!!! sorry to gross you out but I can't work out what it could be, other than cheese, which never affected me like this before pregnancy.


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Oh dear! Awwww.....could you be feeling a pocket of trapped wind? x.
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I know what you mean, but it's definately not that. The wind seems to be dispersing just fine, it just gases us in the process. The other feelings seem definately baby related. Thanks anyway ice
people clear the room when i break wind, even me! lol

its because your digestive system is slowed right down so that every bit of nutrient is removed from your food. Result isnt very nice lol

its quite possible baby has hiccups and youre feeling them, Little CRX had them every time i ate
Hi MountainBoo. Could it be Braxton Hicks do you think?

I wish I could tell which side mine is on! He/ she / it is so far back that I don't know where they are, I just rub randomly and guess!! LMAO

Windy? Moi? Never! I just blames the cats.... lol :-)
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Lol. Thanks peeps. So it looks like I'm stuck with the wind for the duration then. I feel sorry for mrmountainboo, is there such a thing as methane poisoning because if there is I think I've poisoned him!!
If it is hiccups then thats nice to know to.
When I get a touch of wind, or even a random hiccup, I blame the baby! lol The feelings youve been getting may just be from baby pressing on something and thats why it goes and youre feeling it when babys moving about etc. Mine prefers the right hand side of my tummy and pushes itself out over on that side which, although amusing, gets very uncomfortable! We can sometimes feel something hard and rounded but cant decide if its the head or bum! lol
How far along are you mountainboo (sorry Ive forgotten along with most things lol)
reminds me of when i was pregnant with little CRX, he used to lie on a nerve and make my leg twitch for an hour or so, then just as i thought he'd moved he'd wiggle onto the other side and make other leg twitch
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lol red. Psychick, I am exactly the same with my memory at the moment. I'm coming up for 25 weeks.
Sounds like what I used to get when baby got hiccups.
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Hi all, have been feeling something a bit strange...

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