3rd pregnancy - lack of movements

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black_cat51 | 10:59 Wed 18th Jan 2012 | Pregnancy
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Hi, this is my 3rd pregnancy. With my first i started feeling movements about 19 weeks, with my second about 14 weeks. This is my third and i've been feeling movements since about 13.5 weeks. However, they don't get any stronger or any more regular (am now 18.5 weeks) and this has got me worried. I seem to have days where i feel definate movements, then days at a time when i think "was that one?" or don't feel anything at all. I would have thought that as the baby was getting bigger they would be more definate. Whenever i have a scan, the baby is moving and is fine, i just can't feel it. Whenever the midwife listens, i can hear the movements but just can't feel them. growth is on schedule. Placenta is partly anterior and partly at the top, which i know could be masking the movements but it would have been there before (from when i first started feeling) wouldn't it?
Anyway, this is making me hyperanxious, and i just have a huge feeling of impending doom all the time. My consultant can't even put my mind at rest. I tell them every time i am worried about it, and every time they give me a brush off and don't take them seriously. I am completely aware how paranoid i sound and if i were my healthcare provider, i'd be fobbing me off too!
Can anyone give me an explanation as to why they are not getting stronger? or help me feel a bit less worried?


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If the scan is normal and the foetal heart sounds present,then don't worry.
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Thank you. Easy to say, not easy to do! Partner doesn't make it any better by constantly asking if i've felt anything today!
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dont worry hun I had days like this too. Maybe the baby is in a funny position and kicking into your back so you cant feel it as much?
Did you checked the your baby movements in your ultrasound? if you find all things are fine there no need to worry.

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3rd pregnancy - lack of movements

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