I cant stand kids am i weird???

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ilsonchick | 17:07 Fri 02nd Jul 2010 | Parenting
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The thought of even considering having a child fills me with total dread! Im 24 and my partner nearly 28. He doesnt want kids just yet but i dont want them AT ALL! ive felt this way for ages now, when i see kids i just thing eugh not for me! Does that make me weird? I mean isnt every woman meant to get that "feeling" of being broody? I really seriously dont think it will ever mum told me you never come first anymore, infact nothing does (i am not selfish but What The Funicular!?!?) that your kid takes over your life for good and also that the good out weighs the bad...i dont see how it looks such hard work and all my neighbours kids do is scream and scream and shes the BEST mum ive seen! Ive told my partner how i feel i just love my life - having a kid who you have to see and look after 24-7 every single day makes me shudder...


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i can't either and mine's 17 now...! x
I don't like children either. I decided as a child myself I wasn't going to have any and even now at 27 I am still adamant. I do not have a maternal bone in my body. I may change my mind, but its highly unlikely. You may also change your mind.

The thing that annoys me most is people constantly telling me you WILL change your mind when you get older! I may but I do not see it, I am quite happy me, the fella and the cat!

Some people are born to be mothers and some aren't!
My friend Dee was adamant she would never EVER have kids......She has 3 now!
Were they planned?
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THANK GOD some one else who feels the same!!! I just cant get gushy about it at all! All my friends have kids and there baby talking to them, sniffing their *** to check for poo's and licking up druel and chocolate off their fingers and im like WHATTTT! i will NEVER be able to do that it makes me actually feel sick really not in a nasty way just OMG i cannot do those things!!!! I just dont want my fella to be mad that i dont want kids? He knows how i feel but what if i loose him over me just not wanting a baby??? xx
The only problem is if and or when your partner wants children- then what?
Greedy was that aimed at me?? If so first one was, other 2 were not
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this is it...i dont know...because i definetly do NOT want kids, do i say to him sorry but if you want kids you will have to find someone else? xx
pretty much yeah :-)

As harsh as it sounds, if at one stage he REALLY wants kids and you still REALLY don't, remember it aint something you can compromise on!
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well thats up to him, it would be a life of travelling, having a fab time and having money doing what we wanted together or a life of kids, sick, screaming, poo, no life, being skint haha i know what i would choose! Oppps i already have! :)

(this isnt meant to offend anyone its just how i personally perceive it)
24 is quite young in any case, my sister was adamant all the way up to 34 that she didnt ever want children, she did not like them at all, now at 38 she has 2. goodness knows how she changed her mind, she was very adamant
I had my eldest when I was 18, and swore blind that i was NEVER EVER doing it again. Sixteen years later, I changed my mind :-)

So never rule out never ilsonchick.
you know the sick, screaming and poo is not for their entire life dont you ilsonchick ;)
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haha cazz i dont know about that one! im still doing all that now and i STILL live at home! ;-) LOOK my mum cant even get rid of me and shes past 50 bless her!
Just the first 18 years Cazzz ;-)
I would say its not unusual to be adamant against having kids, a lot of people especially in modern times are focused on career and material success. maybe your partner will never be ready to have kids, in any case why worry about it, at the moment he is not keen on kids so its not an issue
If you never want kids but your partner does then what do you think will eventually happen?

Yes, he will find someone who he can have kids with
I was the same at your age.

My wife had our first when we were in our early 30s, and our second came along 5 years later and I wouldn't change it for the world.

I can't stand other people's kids though!
Even as a child children were never any part of my dreams for the future.

I wanted a dog and a house. I am now 46 and have two cats. My brother has three lovely children aged 6, 4 and 1 and I love them to bits - they stay in England and I am in Scotland. :-)

I have quite a few friends, of all ages, who have no children - some wanted them but couldn't have them but most, like me, didn't want any.
wolf is known as The Crazy Cat Lady to her neighbours.

(I'm kidding!)

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I cant stand kids am i weird???

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