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Please help! My five year old daughter is out of control at nap timt at day care how do i get her to listen to her teachers?

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LauraHinchey | 04:43 Thu 12th Feb 2009 | Parenting
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My daughter is five years old and today i got called by the director of her day care to come pick her up because her behavior was out of control and unsafe. She was told to lay down because it was nap time and be quite for fiveteen minutes before she could do her notebook. (they give it to her because she never sleeps at nap time and it keeps her quite) When she didn't want to lay today she started climbing on cubbies and jumping off. Then when they told her she couldn't do that she ran circles around the room and then knocked off the childrens art work off a counter for drying. They then took her to the office where they said she was climbing on the chairs and walls and hiding under the teachers desk. Thry called me to come pick her u[ because she was being unsafe and out of control. I guess this is her first strike and after three she gets expelled. I dont know what to do or why shes behaving like this. We moved into a house with my boyfriend and his 3 year son last April and i just had a new daughter in november. Her father has been out of her life since she was two after going to jail for being abusive to me. At home when the kids misbehave we put them in time out. But at the daycare the teachers only use positive redirection and aren't allowed to use time out. How can i work on a disipline plan that will work for her at daycare too?


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You know who the best people to ask are, the daycare centre.
Its them who are having the problems with her and they may be able to help you in working out a plan TOGETHER that all of you can follow.
i take it you are in the states and that it is usual to have a nap time? Kids in the Uk (this is predominately a UK site) will be at school age 5 and will put in a full day with no nap time.

I would think that she is bored and fed up and not tired.

I would suggest that instead of trying to make her lie down and be quiet, they actually engaged her in some useful task - could she help clear up from snack time or do some sweeping or something?

She must be unsettled with the new baby and also feeling grown up - too grown up for nap time like the babies.
I totally agree with Annie on this. At five years old why is she having a nap time. She obviously has a lot of energy and unfortunately channelled this in the wrong direction instead of it being put to good use. Is this the right care centre for her? At five she is not a baby and will rebel at being treated like one.

She obviously has had a lot of changes at home which will have unsettled her. She may well need a lot more individual attention from you to let her see that she is still a very important person.
hi yeah when i read this i thought to myself nap time at 5??? i think she is probabilly being disruptive because she has a little too much energy and isnt tired at all, it doesnt matter where you live i dont see why a child of that age needs a sleep in the day, how long untill she starts school?
Nap time? I agree,even if your in America I've never heard of 5 year olds napping during the day,I'm just surprised the others go for it!
She may or may not be hyper-active but either way this school sounds dreadful,change it for your kid's sake.
Not a popular answer I know, but at 5yrs of age, we ALL had to "nap" for 30 mins and if you didn't, yolu got your legs slapped. There seemed to be no problem in my class, that is if you didn't mind having your legs slapped. If this behaviour continued (which I never remembered a case) then your parents were told and you got a "good hiding" when you got home.
Sorry, but just thoughts.

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Please help! My five year old daughter is out of control at nap timt at day care how do i get her to listen to her teachers?

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