From milk bottle to bigger cup!

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tgm1974 | 14:46 Sun 04th Jan 2009 | Parenting
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My 13 month old son is still having his milk feeds in morning and of a night from a bottle - Im looking to change it over to something a little more older for him but not like his "juice" beaker! Any recommendations


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do you think he would notice???
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Hi thanks but want something more bottle like ... something that wont let everything out if turned upside down.

I dont have to take him off a bottle but I dont want him to get to the age, in years to come, where he is 5 and wanting his a night time milk drink from a baby bottle! Do you know what I mean??
i used the soft spout cup type tops with Avent bottles when getting mine of the bottle, but I dont think that they were non spill, at that age, they pretty much just downed it in one'er!

I also had them drinking from a straw at that age and you can get them soon onto just drinking from a normal cup with a straw.

However, I did a search for a bottle with a non spill top, and i think this might be what you are looking for: -weaning-soft-spout-cup_W0QQitemZ380090541105Q QcmdZViewItem
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I have one of those NUBY cups but when Ive tested it, it seems you have to suck really hard to get anything out.

Maybe I should just try it with my little boy and he can tell me how good it is!!

Thanks for the advice
He's only 13 months - there's a long time to go before you need to start worrying about his habits at 5! Leave him with his bottle for now. Mine's 17 months and whilst he does have a beaker, and one of those cow cup things, we still let him have his bottle at night and first thing, for now.

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From milk bottle to bigger cup!

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