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Babies and cats... again...

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paulcdj | 10:27 Tue 17th Jun 2008 | Parenting
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Hi everyone,

Got another question about babies and cats before I make my final decision to get one. (a cat that is, not another baby!)
I was talking to someone yesterday and mention we were possibly getting a cat but she asked if that was wise as apparently there have been cases of suffocation when it comes to cats and babies????

My baby is six months old and, alhough I would not allow the cat in her room, i am now very much concerned that this happens?

Just wanted to get other peoples thoughts on this, preferably cat owners who have children. Do the cats get jealous???




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Hi Pinki

I have a son who is now 5, when he was born our cat Fazioli had been with us for 3 years. Gwilym has grown up with our cat and knows not to torment him (unlike his father) and to always be gentle with him, Fazioli seems to know that Gwilym is very important to us and has never shown any aggression or anger to him.
During the day whilst Gwilym is in school the cat will sleep in his room to catch the sun but has never attempted to jump on the bed and even if you put him on it he jumps off. I have no worries whatsoever about the cat harming Gwilym and to be honest think the story about cats smothering babies is an "old wives tale" I seem to remember it from years ago.
Having a cat will teach your child how to respect and care for animals and they will have great fun playing together when they are both older.
Hope this helps

Jan :)
Cats have been known to sleep in the cots and prams etc, but only because its warm and cosy in there for them.

However my old cat wasn't impressed when Teen Boo came along all those years ago- her favourite 'trick' was to pee in her pram!
Hi pinki. As I mentioned in your other post I have three cats (aged 6, and two 1year olds) and a 9week old baby. My mother and health visitor are obsessed that one of the cats will smother the baby, and apprently the cat would do it accidentally because baby smells nice and milky and is warm and snug. I think it is an old wives tail that the cat would be jealous and do it on purpose.

However, none of my cats pay any mind to the baby atall, apart from sleeping in her moses basket, bounce chair or activity ring - always when she is not in it. When I first came home from hospital one of the cats sniffed around her, looked mightily unimpressed and then went out. The other two paid even less attention than that and as yet, touch wood, have caused no problems atall.

To be on the safe side I bought a cat net to cover the baby's cot, but all that encouraged the cat to do was sit on top of the net, which eventually sank into the cot itself so that was a bit pointless (and dangerous) so I removed it and the cats are banished from her room!
As long as I can remember (and I am old) there have been tales of babies being suffocated by cats. I have never once heard a genuine news case of this. I suppose it is possible though.

I had three cats when my children were young and no problems whatsoever.

Even if it was true, it would be more applicable to very young babies - the survival instinct is too strong, and a baby of 6 months would quite easily displace a cat from its face if it was struggling to breath - personally, I would be more concerned for the cat than the baby lol.
with both of my children the cats would keep well away from them when as babies. Now little CRX is almost 3 he manages to get close enough to catch them by the tail or try and pick them up now.

Cats are likely to be very wary of a baby. The tales of being suffocated are probably because a baby is warm and also smells of milk but its not common for a cat to go near a baby, mainly just the soace vacated ny baby like crib and pram.

cats nets are a good idea
hi I have a one week old baby and 2 cats (2 & 5 yrs) the oldest cat is not at all worried by the baby and will sit on my knee whilst i feed baby he just gives her dirty looks if she screams but the other cat is feeling a little left out and seems scared of the baby, neither of the cats are allowed in the baby's room at night, but they really don't pay all that much attention to her. they certainly don't want to sleep with or on her!

My mum had cats when me and my bro were born and no harm came to us, as we got older we loved the cats and were taught how to play nicely with them!
We had a cat with both my little brother and sister were born, a VERY sociable cat but once it realised babys=noise it didnt want to go anywhere near them...
it wasnt allowed in the room, but my brother especially used to sleep on the floor on his changing mat and the cat wouldnt even go and sniff around to see what was going on...
we've got a cat now and im 5 months pregnant and im not really worried, mostly cos the new ones a bit of a chicken (is scared of grass!) but i dont think its much truth to it, especially once the baby gets older and flails
hi, well i have always had cats and when i had my little boy my cats were brilliant. They did want to try and get near him and sniff him but you just push them away. Yes i was worried about people saying cats suffocate babies but you just have to be on the ball. i used to always lock my cats in the kitchen/dining room area so there was no way they could get up in to the cot during the night. I love pets myself and think its good and enjoyable for kids to be around them. My son is 4 now and absolutely loves animals.

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Babies and cats... again...

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