Our baby vomits after eating anything containing dairy products

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JohnLIreland | 20:50 Mon 27th Aug 2007 | Parenting
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Our little 7 month old, breast fed baby boy appears to be unable to keep down any food that contains any type of dairy product. He takes it in readily enough but then throws up. He's ok afterwards, vomiting is the only symptom now but he did used to also get a small red rash for an hour or so.

I've looked around the web and it's not lactose intolerance.

Has anybody had a similar experience?


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Both my nieces were allergic to cows milk as babies, something they both grew out off as a toddler. This could very well be the case with your little one. However, I am not an expert so please speak to your doctor or health visitor before trying him on the alternative which is soya milk.
Good luck :)
It sounds like it could be reflux, which is when babies frequently vomit a large amount after feeding. A small amount of vomit after feeding is normal and could just be from overfeeding.
If you thinks its this then I would take your baby to your doctor.
my son who is now 2 was just the same, when he was about 10 months the vomitting stopped but then he got really bad diahorrea which got alot worse when i switched him from formula to full fat cows milk at 12 months.He also got a bad skin rash at this point. I found swicthing him to full fat goats milk did the trick. He still has small amounts of cows milk in his diet but i have to keep my eye on it.
Go back to basics with his food and keep a check on what he can keep down. Worry is, if he keeps vomiting, he may get put off from eating solids.

He may have a sensitive reflux, that case, eating little and often is better.
sorry aims - didn't realise you already said that!
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Thanks all!

Since I last wrote, he's gone on to solids after showing a more than healthy interest in his Grandad's Sunday lunch! He's now putting on the expected weight gains and his health visitor's happy again.

To explain, my little lad wasn't putting weight on and his health visitor was concerned so she suggested formula but, unfortunately, he developed the allergic reaction. That left us with the problem of how to get him to put weight on if he was unable to take formula and we, mistakenly, believed he was too young to be weaned.

He gave us the answer himself on a visit to see Granny and Grandad where he became extremely curious in what was on Grandad's plate. Granny acted with unaccustomed speed and the little fellow polished off a small portion of quickly liquidised lamb & potatoes!!

He's now happily eating a very varied, and quite substantial, diet.

We've since tried him with a little of some dairy products and he seems to be tolerating them much better. Further research I've done suggests that it may take a baby's digestion a while to be capable of processing the complex proteins contained in milk. Thanks again for all your help.

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Our baby vomits after eating anything containing dairy products

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