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options-home schooling?

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lorraine29 | 18:15 Thu 07th Sep 2006 | Parenting
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quite a long winded question here.
Due to constant problems at my sons secondary school i have gone to great lengths to change his school (taking nearly 2 years) finally just before the holidays i got him a place at a new much better school, after trying several times in the last week of school to organise a visit to work things out, and 2 calls this week on teacher training days earlier this week i finally got an appointment to attend today,
In the meantime during the holidays i got an offer for a council house swap out of the area,I decided to still go ahead with changing schools in case it didn't work out.
When i got to the school today, it was clear from the offset of my meeting eith the headmaster that they really did not want my son due to his bad report from his previous school, (which altho his temper has got him into bother on occasion he has never been violent.......but according to his record he had been violent towards one of his teachers.....can't help but wonder when as he claims to have no recollection of it and the school certainly never contacted me)
once i told them how i was expecting to be moving in about 3 weeks they suggested that tom should stay at his old school when i explained that due to problems he had had at his old school i would have problems getting him to go back they said they would contact them and see about him getting work sent home for those weeks,
within an hour i had a call to say that the school were not prepared to provide him with work for 3 weeks as it would be unauthorised absence. seems my only option is home schooling for 3 weeks,
at the end of my tether here,
Any ideas of any other suggestions will be gratefully received.
Thank you.
Lorraine x


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I think you need to speak to your Local Education Authority to seek advice on this. If you look in the Yellow Pages you should also find a local Supportive Parents group in your area.

Are you going to be moving a long way away, and choosing a totally different school in 3 weeks' time? Schools have to take pupils whether they like it or not, but if the Head is that much of an idiot you probably wouldn't want Tom to go there anyway.

We've had a lot of problems with schooling, my son was excluded when he was 7. He has ADHD and has been badly bullied, but they decided it would be easier to get rid of him than trying to help him. We researched all the facts and attended the appeal panel armed with information and won the appeal. Obviously we didn't want him going back to the school that had failed him and he has been at his new school for over a year and is doing brilliantly.

You have to fight for what you want. If you stand up to the authorities you can make progress. I wish you and your son best wishes for the future. Don't give up, if you don't help your son, nobody else will.
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Yes we are moving from Doncaster to Sheffield which is causing a lot of problems, as too far to travel to school now altho we have considered him commuting to his new school now, a journey which will take nearly 2 hours each way,
Already spoken to education dept and seems home schooling for 3 weeks looks like being my best option altho not really sure where to start, Tom is in year 10 so an important year for him.
I know it's a pain and not good for him to be out of education for 3 weeks. Have you tried searching the net for any good educational sites? Would the education dept be able to tell you exactly what to do? Maybe his new school would be able to give you a rough idea what topics they're covering.

My son missed out on 3 months worth of education after he was excluded because the whole appeal system takes so long. Thankfully, he is now at a brilliant school and has caught up with everything, but it's definitely a worrying time. Moving house is stressful enough without thinking about education as well.

Sorry I can't be of more help and I wish you both luck.

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options-home schooling?

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