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sharonlouise | 17:38 Thu 26th May 2005 | Parenting
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i started my son (9) on sunday with the haliborange omega e fish oil orange flavour and by wednesday hes got a rash on legs,neck,bottom,arms went to school next day and asked friend who used to be nurse she said it looks like an allergy reaction to the oil.then when he came out of school his arms neck were bright and covered my friend saw it and said its the sun which has made it react because it stopped where his t shirt sleeve stoppod.has anyone else heard of any one being alergic to the oil or maybe the orange?it doesnt itch only a little itch every now and again his eyes are itchy because i caught him keep snapping his eyes shut.


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Does your son ever eat fish at home?  If he does, without a reaction, then it most likely isn't the fish oil.  If he eats oranges happily (not just juice) - again, it probably isn't the orange either. (I'm sure that you would never have given him this if he was allergic to either, so those are kind of rhetorical questions...). 

There are lots of other ingredients in the haliborange capsules, so it may be one of those he is allergic to.  If you really want to keep him on fish oils, then maybe try Eye Q capsules, they have far fewer ingredients.  It sounds like his allergic reaction was relatively benign but if you are worried at all go to the pharmacist or doctor. nes/e/equazen/eye_q_capsule.htm

Sorry just thought... If your son never eats oily fish (not unlikely for a 9 year old) then go and see your doctor for sure, because he may be allergic to the fish oil, you need to get this sorted as it is possible that the next time he has it, the reaction could be much worse.

Also, if he doesn't eat oranges or citrus very much, this could be an allergic reaction to that.  My friend suddenly developed an allergy to citrus at 15 years old, after eating plenty before hand.  It is the oils in the citrus peel which she is most allergic to, and these oils are often used in flavouring.  Again, if this seems likely, head to the doctor.

I started taking omega 3 capsules about 6 weeks ago.  It might just be coincidence but this past 4 or 5 weeks, my body has itched so badly  It is not my legs or arms that itch. Just my back and front body.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  I stopped taking the capsules 3 days ago and I am just waiting to see if the itching stops.  If it doesn't, it has to be something else.
I take 1,000mg of Omega 3 Fish Oil caps every day & have no side effescts at all.
I don't even have any side effects!

I think they're wonderful, have recommended them to many who have given me lots of really positive feedback!

Having said that, one friend had to stop her 6 year old having them cos her son had an allergic reaction to them. It wasn't anything to do with fish cos they eat it all the time at home.

PS, if it's the orange, they now do them in blackcurrent too!

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omega 3 fish oil

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