maintainence payments under English law

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danpat | 22:23 Mon 17th Jan 2011 | Family Life
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When does full time eucation finish. my daughter is opting to go to 6th form. My divorce settlement says i pay to the end of full time ed. Some friends say this is 16 when she finishes sec school. can any one help


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it's until she is 18 in FT education or until she is above school leaving age and finds employment. (I think) My son turned 18 in the september of his 2nd year at college and the benefit stopped even though her still had 2 full terms of college left to do,
Yep...19. That's the age child benefit is paid to if they stay in education.
I suppose it could have been his 19th birthday when it stopped, (he's 24 now) but i know I was furious as it meant he was still in full time education until the following June, but with no income (it was before the EMA or whatever that was,
and i guess that could apply to anyone, if someone was born in early september they are already 17 when they start 6th form college and by the time they start their 2nd year they are 19 and their benefit to the parent stops, someone in the same academic year but an august birthday can carry on all year with their parents getting benefit,
It depends on the level of education. A Level or below Child Benefit remains in payment ubtil 19, above A level no Child Benefit should be paid.
I don't think this is anything to do with Child Benefit is it? My reading of this is that Danpat has to pay maintenance for his daughter up to the point she leaves full time education.

I'm afraid I don't know the answer Danpat. My father was told to pay the same for me but I left school at 16. You probably have to pay up to the age of 18. However, if your daughter wants to continue beyond there shouldn't you be supporting her as her father anyway? Isn't that what a father does?
CSA rules are no Child Benefit, no Child Maintenance Payments. If your daughter goes on to advanced education i.e. above 'A' level Child Benefit stops. It always stops at age 19.

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maintainence payments under English law

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