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how to find my dads grave

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hotpink | 13:35 Tue 20th Apr 2010 | Family Life
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i know which town he is buried in, but that is all, as it was my step family who dealt with it all. how do i go about finding where he is buried? i am not in contact with my step family so that is not an option. thanks


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Births deaths and marriages will have a record. Thats how I found out where my father was.

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how do i find the records? is it online, or do i contact the local registry office? do i have to pay to find out this information?
When my cousin died I wanted to visit him, as my uncle was devestated I didnt want to ask where he was,( I was on holiday when the funeral took place) I knew he had been cremated so I sent an email to the crem with all the details I knew and they sent me one back telling me exactly where he plot was.
If you know roughly where the funeral took place you could try to contact them as I did.
Good luck
Ring the local council for that town...they will point you in the right direction.
Question Author
thanks very much everyone, i'll make some phone calls xx
Sorry only just realised the extra question - yes I found mine online but I sure if you call the local office they will have the details.

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how to find my dads grave

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