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My older brother acted weird

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Ryan-C | 08:00 Mon 09th Feb 2009 | Family Life
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My older 16 year old brother acted weird today. I walk into our bedroom, and as I am walking in, I acidently stepped on his foot, and freaks out and starts yelling at me saying what the f****** hell is wrong with you and stuff like that, and I tell him that im sorry. Normally he will just leave it at that, but not today; Today he kept yelling at me, and i kept saying that i was sorry. Then he starts shoving me, and by now i am starting to get a little scared because he has never acted like this before, he keeps shoving harder until eventually he pushes hard enough to make me fall to the floor. Then he starts hitting me on my face, chest, pretty much everything on my upper body, but mostly just hitting the face. By now i am crying, begging him to stop, but he doesnt listen. So i just cover my eyes and wait for him to stop, When he finally does, i look up at him and see that he is just stairing at his hands. There is some blood because from my nose on his hands. Then he starts crying, which i didnt expect to happen. I come up to him and hug him until he finally gets up and takes me to the bathroom to clean me up. He keeps telling me that he is so sorry, and that he will never let himself live this down.

This is really weird. He has never acted that way, He has always been nice to me, and loved me. So to see him that angry at me is very weird. WAS IS IT SOMETHING I DID? Because like i said, usually all i have to do is say sorry and he would leave it.
My Age is 13


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what country are you in?
did you tell your parents?
Question Author
I am in the USA
and what time is it with you?
Question Author
About 1 AM (I suffer from reacurring nightmeres so i dont get a lot of sleep at night.)
and what have your parents said about this?
Question Author
Right now we havnt told them about this. They work a lot of hours so I havnt even had a chance to see them since 2 or 3 days ago. Most of the time my brother is in charge
which state are you in?
Question Author
I can't believe they didn't hear any of this!

I suggest you discuss it with them now, or in the morning.

best of luck :o)
Question Author
Well like I said, they work a lot of hours and this occured while they were gone
they can't work night and day, so talk to them in the morning. or talk to a teacher. I assume your face will be badly marked, so you will have to discuss this with someone in person.
Question Author
Well the thing is i dont want to get him in trouble for what he did. I know he is a good person that would never want to hurt anybody.
Hey Ryan, do you have a school councellor or nurse?
Anything you say to them will be in confidence.
Question Author
I think we have a school councellor
Ok good. Speak to him/her tomorrow thn. Thats the first step to getting this resolved.
Ryan, tell the councellor as much or as little as you want.They may offer some advise but mostly they will just listen.It may help you decide what your next step should be.
Take care.x
Question Author
But cant they tell the authorities if they feel that somebody is at risk of injury? I dont want him to get into that much trouble of this.
Ryan, you've come to a UK based website and we can't advise you on the US procedures. I'm guessing it's 2am, so get some sleep and speak to someone local tomorrow.

all the best.
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My older brother acted weird

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