Grandparental Rights

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may1day | 15:44 Wed 15th Feb 2012 | Family Life
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Have Grandparents a legal right to see their grandchildren ?


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Not 100% sure but I don't think so.
Definitely not.
They can go through the courts to obtain access though if there are good enough reasons. Not an easy process!
I would suggest that any GP's seeing their GC's under legal arrangements means that relationships between children and in-law children are at a sufficiently tense and hostile stage that any benefit thought to be gained would be offset by the trauma surrounding visiting times and days.

If I had fallen out with my children that badly, I would not want to see my GC's because the law allows me to - it would be too painful.

i think you have to put children first, above familial rights, perceived or enforceable.
I think the grandparents can also get access through the courts if these are necessary for the children Andy, not for the grandparents, i.e. in the case where children are perhaps not being treated well by the parents and social services are involved. In cases like this it is a good idea.
Perhaps it should be covered under Children's Rights, rather than Grandparent's rights. I for one do not think that Grandparents should have any Rights just because they are Grandparents.
Hi. Im a legal secretary in the Family Department of a firm of solicitors. There is no such thing as grandparents rights. You would have to apply to the Court for leave to make an application for a Contact Order. However, any solicitor (and Court) would probably advise you to try to agree any contact by consent either through solicitors or through mediation first as Court proceedings are expensive.

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Grandparental Rights

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