Need a stair lift

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Old Salt | 20:53 Tue 27th Dec 2011 | Family Life
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Can anyone recommend a reliable stair lift, sold and installed by a reputable company?

Old Salt


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contact age concern. im sure they would give you reliable info.
Stannah are reliable, been around for years.
no direct experience but I would have thought Stannah would be a good place to start looking.
>>>contact age concern.

Age Concern are no longer Age Concern. They merged with Help the Aged.

They are now called Age Uk

They do work with a stair lift company
where are you old salt? How long are you likely to need it for? Are your stairs stright or curved?
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thanks for the responses everybody. I have booked appointments for a survey and quote, from Acorn and Stannah.

From what people are telling me, though, the cost to install a stairlift will be way beyond my means.

But, you never know until you ask

Old Salt
that's the reason i asked how long you would need it for and if your stairs are straight. Where i live you can rent them for straight stairs at a cost of £450 a year (installed). If you don't anticipate needing it for a long long time, it is much cheaper
if it means you won't need to move or rely on home care etc, you could get one funded local social services, dep on your savings!
Acorn make a lot of kit which other firms buy and use. With firms like Stannah the fitters are often locally based and some not so good as others. You can get reconditioned ones cheaper and they often have had little use.

Age UK might be more affordable.

Above all, beware of the sales tricks that the larger firms sometimes employ. We got huge reduction on an electric bed by waiting till the cooling off period was nearly over and phoning to "cancel". They pulled out all the stops to complete the sale
If it is considered necessary for your wellbeing apply to the local council for a grant. My stepfather got grants for both a stairlift and a downstairs toilet to make life easier for him.
You can get reconditioned stairlifts. I expect the fitting costs the most but you might save a little bit. It might be worth looking into.
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Thanks everyone, you have all been very helpful.

I will wait until I get a quote from both companies before I consult with Age UK

I will also look into leasing

The number and quality of all the replies are brilliant

and they are very much appreciated.

Old Salt
Don`t forget to play Acorn off against Stannah to get the best deal. It might sound ruthless but that`s business!
These people were absolutely brilliant for my mother in law.

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Need a stair lift

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