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Question Author
It's the way I tell 'em :)
Fun?....Only for those with some sense of direction.....I'll give it a miss, Dave......☺
At least you managed to find your way to this thread, that's something...
I have a visiting child....she helps me....☺
Question Author
Just drop a trail of breadcrumbs, gness.

That way, when you are lost, you'll have a few Jackdaws to keep you company ...
Hmmm... a night in a maze with jackdaws for company....still, I've had no other offers this week.....☻
I have a machete thingy in the lounge - if I got stuck I could just chop my way through. But it is abroad and abroad is scary.
Question Author
You could tie a thread from your vest to the gate on the way in - that way you'd be able to find your way back out - albeit in a vestless state :)
This machete thingy, your lounge?.......Ornamental or protection?....☺
Good strong knicker elastic and I could ping my way back, Dave...x
gness - hacking a burglar to death with it would take months. I am not sure where I got it from but I have no doubt that my late mother was involved.
Oh Lord...twin mothers...mine bought a gun when she was in the early stages of dementia...☻
If the auctioneer had mentioned a low enough price my mum would have bought a rocket launcher.

She died in 1996 at 58.

come to think of it - where did she get a gun?
From the gun shop next to the church she attended....and some ammunition....found neither...☺
Who puts a gun shop next to a church?
That little altar boy with the shifty eyes, Jim....☺
Dave, would it count has cheating if someone ! used a sat nav in the maze.
Well, not for me, sat nav and I rarely agree...especially if I'm singing along with Rod or Dolly....☺

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