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What is the best travel money card out there at the moment

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Kimbles20 | 08:35 Tue 31st Aug 2010 | Business & Finance
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Can anyone suggest what the best travel money card is at the moment? We are going on holiday to Tenerife so will need Euros but I think a travel money card would be useful as it would save us from taking loads of euros or a few travellers cheques.

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Fairfx and Caxton fx are the best - precisely which one depends on your pattern of usage, but there's not a lot of difference.
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Thanks dzug2, do you know if you have to order travel cards and how long they take?
Try here:-


Fantastic site and should answer your questions.
We got ours from First Choice. We used it in Tenerife and are off to Portugal in 2 weeks, so have loaded it up again!
By the way you can get them straight away. They come in a pack with your pin number and can be loaded were you get them from. You can also register online and top them up that way.
Fairfx and caxton fx take 1-2 weeks to arrive

The ones you buy on the spot tend to have higher charges and poorer exchange rates

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What is the best travel money card out there at the moment

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