disabled benefit entitlement re council tax, discounted gas/electric

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tweenyb | 09:48 Fri 22nd Jan 2010 | Business & Finance
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im on disability benefit and have been told by a friend that i may be entitled to help with council tax and discounted rates of electricity and gas - does anyone know anything about this?
benefit agency dont give you any info on help you can get.

many thanks xx


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As redhelen says,
IF you get any help,it will only be with rent and council tax.
There is nowhere you can get any assistance with gas and electricity(or water)apart from the Winter Fuel Payments/Cold Weather payments if you qualify for them;but you get these automatically if you are on the qualifying benefit(in other words you don't need to claim them).
as redhelen says,ring your local council housing/council tax benefit section and ask them.
if you have a bigger place than you would normally need because you are disabled then they can reduce your council tax by a band - you have to have t least an extra bathroom/kitchen and an extra room that is used only by you, or need a bigger place so you can use an indoor wheelchair
You're almost certainly entitled to Council Tax benefit, which will pay at least some of your bill for you. (I alternate between periods of casual work and unemployment. During the periods when I'm unemployed Council Tax Benefit covers the whole of my liability for the tax).

The previous posts might be a little misleading regarding gas and electricity payments. While there are no state benefits available, some energy companies operate 'social tariffs', which are only available to people on specific benefits (or who meet other qualifying criteria). British Gas has an 'Essentials' tariff. E.ON have a 'CaringEnergy' programme. EDF has an 'Energy Assist' tariff and nPower has a 'Spreading Warmth' tariff and Scottish & Southern has 'Energyplus Care'. Scottish Power also has 'Carefree Plus' (although that seems to only be available to people over 60).

Check with your energy supplier to see if they've got a suitable tariff. (Some companies also offer free insulation for your home if you qualify for their social tariff).

British Gas gave a discount for people on certain benefits a couple of years ago, I know this because I received it, but they don't do it now.
Do you mean Disability Living Allowance by "disability benefit"? If so, you may qualify for free loft insulation if yours is below government's minimum level. Also chance of a "Warm Front" grant for renewing old boiler or installing central heating. Don't wish to be nosy but if your condition is through cancer, you might qualify for a (means-tested) grant from Macmillan Cancer Support.
I mean "replacing" old boiler although I understand the grant can cover a repair if that is viable.

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disabled benefit entitlement re council tax, discounted gas/electric

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