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Financial void, where do i stand?!?

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Bob A Job | 16:55 Thu 01st May 2008 | Business & Finance
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Hello, and thanks in advance for any answers and advice.

My situation is this, I am living in the Canaries and have been for nearly 5 years, before then i lived in the UK and had a bank account with Abbey national, and a loan with MBNA. After moving abroad i was stuggling with timings of repayments due to delays in bank transfers from my Euro account back to the UK and Abbey started charging me obscene amounts and closed my account (its alot more complicated but ill save the details for the moment)

After Abbey freezing my account i could no longer make payments to my MBNA loan and offerered to make payments in Euros, they said i could only pay in pounds and started demanding the full balance, around �3,500. with no way of repaying this as i have no active UK bank account access i notified them that unless they could accept regular payments in Euros i have nothing i can offer them, several months later i stopped recieving letters, and have heard nothing since.

As i have no UK credit or debit card, i have no way of getting a credit report from Equifax or Experian. but i want to know where i would stand if i returned to the UK.

Is there a way of finding out if there are still people chasing me? would it be possible to get a UK bank account again?


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Financial void, where do i stand?!?

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