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zipadeedodah | 12:57 Thu 15th Feb 2007 | Business & Finance
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I'm trying to find a company to write about that has had to respond to ethical issues. Preferably one that has been around for while, and has had to change its practices as a result of ethical issues becoming more prevalent in society. I want to compare a company that has had to repsond to changes, rather than a newer company that has been ethical from the start, if that makes sense. Also preferably a well-known company. Are there any examples of any big companies being slated for poor ethical standards e.g. pollution, energy consumption, waste disposal etc?

Would appreciate any ideas!



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The most unethical company (and most boycotted company) is Nestle.

With regards to changing practices, what about the motor companies - look at someone like Toyota / Lexus - very big into the hybrid market.
sorry, another thought - Marks & Spencers - concentrate very much on their ethics - don't think they always have.

And didn't Nike get into trouble about using sweatshops in China (ditto Asda & primark quite recently)
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Thanks for the ideas Oneeyedvic - very helpful. Marks and Spencer appeals to me actually. Just found that in 2005 they were in the worst three unethical clothes shops. Am trying to dig up any dirt on them that I can talk about.

Wal Mart (Asda parent company) probably one of the best examples.

read Mart
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Thanks rja, that's extremely useful!

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