Direct Debits.

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souldriver | 17:58 Wed 22nd Nov 2006 | Business & Finance
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Is it possible to have direct debits coming out on a date chosen by me?

I currently have 10 Direct Debits coming out of my bank account a scattered across the month. Ideally I would like them all to be taken on the first of every month then i know where i am and i'm not worrying about having to leave money in to cover the DD's.



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If you can persuade the companies that are taking them to change the dates, then yes. You can't insist on it though.
Hi Souldriver

As DZUG said...if you can persuade 'em. However you could alternatively pay by Standing Orders. This gives you a greater degree of control - however you might lose the DDR discounts that most companies offer.

Hope this helps.

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thanks guys

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Direct Debits.

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