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Best bank to get a �3500 loan with

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jeanette1976 | 17:26 Thu 22nd Jun 2006 | Business & Finance
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Can anyone recommend a bank with the lowest overall interest (even if it is 0% for 18 months) on a loan? I've heard Halifax are good.... I'm just trying to pay off all my other debts.

Unfortunately, I've been so confused with numerous replies from various other questions that the only conclusion is to simply ask this question straight out!!!

Realistically, the best solution for me is to get a loan rather than a credit card, as I KNOW that i'll just slack and pay a load more interest in the long run with a credit card.

I've already pretty much decided on Halifax, but if anyone has any better ideas, please let me know.

Many many thanks in advance! X


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Firslty, what can you afford to pay back a month? There is no point in asking for an 18 month interest free deal if you can't afford the repyments (just under �200 per month).

The shorter the term that you boorw over, the less interest you will pay.

If you borrow over 1 year, the APR figure may be high byut the actual interest will probably be lower than the interest you wil lpay over 2 years with a lower APR.

Sorry - I am not trying to confuse you (honest).
0% interest on a loan!!

I never knew there was such a thing. However, I do know that loans with a deferred payment just have the interest added elsewhere, so maybe this is the same sort of thing.
Try First Direct. They have been brilliant with me over the seven years I have been wiht them. I would recccomend them.

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Best bank to get a �3500 loan with

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