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MEGA RIPP OFFF GIVE AWAY welcome to britain?

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navin123 | 14:03 Wed 24th May 2006 | Business & Finance
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Any help to stop the banks stop making all the peoples wealth...Nationalise them or start a new national bank like the lottery? people bank in THIS bank and we use the profit to help our local population and environment. Just applied for a mortgage of �106000 and on the best deal available i have to pay back 277,778.oo back OVER 25 YRS . that is 3 times or more! What say you the People... for a start? the chairman and his gang do not take all the money or profit but it all gets used to help schools, roads, hospitals and the public...etc???


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Just curious - where do you think the money that peoplesbank will lend will come from. I am assuming that they will need to 'borrow' this themselves - at a rate of what?

Or would you want them to take people's savings - if they are not for profit, ther rates they pay on savings will not be high. How many people will want to save with a bank that doesn't pay a good rate of interest?

After paying for staff, website, premises etc, if you want them to make money to give to local population , their rates would be as high if not higher than that of a bank.

Nice idea in principle - just not sure that it would work.

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MEGA RIPP OFFF GIVE AWAY welcome to britain?

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