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I Have Tried For Two Days To Get Into My On-Line Nationwide Bank Account.

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ladybirder | 14:31 Wed 19th Jun 2024 | Business & Finance
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I am asked to give them a number I am supposed to have received on my mobile but I haven't received it.  Been their customer for over 30 years and never had this problem until recently.

Anyone else having the same problem?  Thanks.



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All good for me. Phone your bank

I'm saying that because you are not receiving the codes they are sending

Had the same problem recently with Coventry, they advised me to try a different browser and clear out all my cookies. 

It then worked perfectly. Worth a try.

The passnumber/text message method worked for me just now. Are the [limited] details of your mobile number correct after you've entered the required digits from your passnumber?

I had similar issues trying to get into my Santander account.

I eventually got in once I disabled my VPN.

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Thanks all.  They've told me to wait half an hour and then try again.  So we shall see.  I shall move back to my old bank if I don't get in I'm too cream crackered to mess about like this.

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It worked at 3.30pm.  It hadn't better happen again or else ...

Thank you all.

Did you get your £100 bonus, lb?

Question Author

Yes I did but I'm still waiting for another £115 from when my car window was smashed and it still isn't there although promised within 20 working days of when they received my acceptance.  I think I accepted it within a day or so and the offer was made on 21st May.  I know we've had a few Bank Holidays so that will have made a difference. 

Oh, Tesco car insurance?

Question Author

No Barry.  It is the company which employs the gardener who broke my car window.

Oh, understood.  Was it accidental?

Question Author

Absolutely.  He wrote an apology and signed his name on a note left on my car.

😊 Hope you get your money soon

Question Author

Thank you.  I'd forgotten about the Bank Holidays as when you've been retired as long as me they don't really seem different to any other day.


I have to check what day it is every day

there has been 21 working days between those dates, so it's overdue

although, if it were a couple of days before you accepted, they still have a day or so

Question Author

Barry I too lie in bed wondering which day it is and don't get up till I think I have it right.  Most times I am right but not always.

Money still hasn't arrived.

lb, you need to chase it up with the person who promised to pay.

I had a refund to Nationwide a few weeks ago and it arrived next day - I was surprised

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I Have Tried For Two Days To Get Into My On-Line Nationwide Bank Account.

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