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Employing A Private 'Companion'

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DDIL | 07:26 Wed 29th May 2024 | Business & Finance
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Good Morning,

I need to employ a companion for my mother (the companion is known to me already).  I will pay for them using funds from my mother's bank account (I have an active LPA)

The question is, do I need a contract? Do I need to pay holidays? Do I need to pay tax etc for her?

Thank you for any help and suggestions.



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This gives good, basic information about paying tax, insurance, holiday pay for carers and personal assistants with links to the relevant government website.  I know you will be employing a companion but the rules will be the same

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Thank you for your help

Are you aware that local councils may give financial help to help pay for personal assistants/carers?  It could be worth a phone call. 

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Yes I am aware but due to her private income and savings that would not be an option.

She does not need 'personal care' or cleaning, its to help with shopping, medication checks and keeping me updated as I live a distance away, and taking photo's of mail that mother is concerned about.

That's what they call a 'personal assistant' these days.  I wasn't making assumptions but it is surprising how many people are unaware of help they can get.

The complications of the employed status is the reason so many people who need help use an agency, they take care of all the tax and holiday pay etc, but of course it costs more.  

Glad you have somebody you trust to help your mother

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I was thinking £15ph and 4 weeks holiday?

Best expressed as 28 days, the legal minimum.   It's up to you whether to include bank holidays and public holidays as part of the paid holidays or extra unpaid holidays.

The hourly rate is generous considering there will be no personal hygiene care. 

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Thank you very useful

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Employing A Private 'Companion'

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