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Are Pensioners Tax Payers

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lankeela | 12:49 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Business & Finance
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as having just donated to a friend's charity page it asked me to confirm I was a tax payer so they can claim gift aid - as a pensioner should I tick yes?  



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Yes, many are.  We are still paying tax

If you're currently paying tax - yes.

Is your total income above the tax limit?  Only tick the box if it is

Question Author

I don't have any income other than basic state pension.

Yes, but if you pay tax surely you know this from your pension statements and tax letters ?

If your income is over £12500 (from all sources inluding interest received) you will pay tax. If not then tick the no box.

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Not without searching through mountains of paperwork stuffed in a cupboard somewhere.  Thought it would be a simple enough question as to whether pensions are counted as earned income and therefore makes me an eligible tax payer.

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Pension is about £850 every four weeks.

just tick the box - they'll never check

If your only income is the basic pension then you will not be a tax payer.

if you are declaring any other income for example wages from dog shows then you may well be a tax payer but you would know because you are declaring it each year.

@1159 they do a variety of checks and modern things called computers talk to each other!

Question Author

Wages from dog shows?  You are having a laugh.  Just entered Crufts and its cost over £100 to enter two dogs and buy a catalogue and parking pass.  Let alone diesel and accommodation plus food, not going to see much change from £300 by the time I've finished.  Even the ones I organise are all done in an honorary capacity and as a judge you get nothing until you reach the upper echelons and then only a small contribution to fuel and a night in a hotel if over 100 miles away.  

You won't be paying tax on that amount Lankeela.

Do you get interest on investment and savings?  Most count towards your tax allowance 

BARRY, as the annual income is less than £12,570, £5,000 of interest could be earned without being taxed.

Lankeela I was using you interest as an example not saying you do but was trying to put it into context for you 

You are not a tax payer anymore. Your income is below the threshold so it is all paid tax free. 


The forthcoming increase in the state pension means that most of it, in my case, will be wiped out because my total earnings (I nearly typed earrings! 😄) will be above the threshold. I don't have a large private pension but the amount it pays takes me just above the threshold for Pension Credit, so I will be paying full whack on my private pension. It's what used to be called Indian Giving. Give with one hand, take back with the other. The combined total of both myself and my wifes' pensions amounts to approx 25k. Way below average earnings. 

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No savings or additional income of any kind.  I just wondered if it meant that you had been a tax payer, ie had paid in to the government rather than someone who never had.  

It means are you currently a tax payer 

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Are Pensioners Tax Payers

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