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JinnyJoan | 23:48 Tue 06th Feb 2024 | Business & Finance
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switched over from Santander to Danske - however compare to the Santander - when I purchase anything - the purchase came out of Santander nearly that day but when Danske - it seems to be 2-3 days - is that normal.  And ususal my state pension normally goes today but now no sign of this.  Is this normal



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Is there a particular reason you left Santander?  I've been with them for ages (since Abbey National days) and have never had a single problem.  Payments go out and come in almost immediately.

I've never heard of Danske.

Danske is new the trading name of Northern Bank, which has long been one of the biggest banks in Northern Ireland, where JJ lives.  They even issue their own banknotes!

This table shows how long it should take for deposits, withdrawals and payments to show up on your account:


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Brainiac-   Many years ago I worked in Belfast City Centre and was Abbey National like yourself.  But if I had had problems I could have called into the branch to get the problems sorted out.  Also when you had to make phone calls I usually got through to the "Belfast Accent" and now they are English or Indian and because of my deafness I can no longer understand them.

Now while I changed to Danske (Northern Bank) - they are literally 3 houses down and across the road which means if I have problems I just have to walk down.  


I have more savings from Santander to go into Danske and after a while I will have everything to go to into Dankse and HAPPY DAYS for me.

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