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Should I Tell My Manager About My Coworker's Habits?

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Treacle71 | 12:41 Mon 06th Nov 2023 | Business & Finance
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He's sat next to me and he'll have curry for breakfast which is pungent.  He then will massage his foot taking his shoe and sock off.  I don't think this is office appropriate.  I told him tongue-in-cheek it might be best to go into another office if he needs to address his foot problem.  He keeps burping too.



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You could make a complaint
08:17 Tue 07th Nov 2023

entirely up to you

Does he eat at his desk or do you have a break room

Question Author

Mixture of both, calmck.

Is it the same guy who wants to cook food for you to take home?

It takes all kinds!  Does he eat the curry at his desk for breakfast?  You always seem to be complaining about someone/something. If the situation is that bad, I am sure the Manager will be aware and it's up to him/her to speak to your colleague.

Lots of people keen on curry where you work, Treacle!

At one time, we had a 'curry club' at work where we'd take it in turns to bring in curries, samosa's, etc. We were only ever in the office at the same time between 5 and 8 in the morning. Each to their own.

You could make a complaint

Or you could just get along with your colleagues 

At 51 I am shocked you need to ask this question

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Should I Tell My Manager About My Coworker's Habits?

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