Anyone Online At This Mad Hour To Talk Work Contracts??

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Smowball | 23:07 Fri 23rd Jul 2021 | Business & Finance
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I’ve been offered a job, but they say they won’t give me a contract until I’ve done 3 months probation. mr Smow thinks that’s illegal - that I can’t start a job with no contract that states job role, hourly rate, hours etc. Who’s right?a.


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Usually don't get a contract until probationary period is over, Smow.
I agree with Tonyav. That is what normally happens.
You need to differentiate between a 'contract' and a 'written statement of employment particulars'. The latter is NOT a contract but it IS a legal entitlement. It consists of two parts. The first, called 'the principal statement', must be given to the employee on the first day of his/her employment (or, of course, prior to that). That has to be supplemented by a wider written statement within two months.

I'll save myself a lot of typing (or copying and pasting) by letting this link explain what all that means:

So the employer is correct in that you can commence your employment without a contract, per se, but Mr S is correct in stating that you must be given a written statement of the key elements of your employment.

BTW: It's not a 'mad hour'! The night is yet young ;-)
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Ok, so what if anything happens in first months?? What if they say I have to work 80 hrs a week? What if they say I can’t take any holiday?? I’ve nothing so say otherwise.
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Lol buenchicho - it’s early for me!! I agree, all my googling says I should at least have something in writing, be it a statement or a contract.
How much do you want / need the job?
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I just want to take some stress off mr Smow. He is working ridiculous hours and I just wanted to help x
You've been offered a job - have you been told anything at all about the job such as hours, what you'll be doing, pay? You must have some idea what the job entails.

How many holidays do you expect to be allowed to take in your first 3 months? :-J
Just write down a list of the key things you need to know that will help you decide whether to try the role. Things like hours & pay
Then ask them
Or just accept and see how it goes. Probationdont mean much in that they can sack for any work reason within 2 year's I think it is

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Anyone Online At This Mad Hour To Talk Work Contracts??

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