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Sending Wage Slips

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zipadeedodah | 11:03 Mon 24th Oct 2005 | Business & Finance
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I was on the wrong tax code in my last job, and need to inform the tax office.  What do I send them? I have my pay which case do I send the real thing and keep a photocopy, or send the copy, and keep the real thing?




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You need to find out which tax office is dealing with you. This is normally either your local tax office or the tax office where your compnay's payroll is based. If your company has a payroll department, I would ask them.

Persaonlly speaking, I always keep the original and send copies.

When you left your old job you will have been given a P45. This should accurately show the pay you received, the tax deducted and the tax code you were on. If you have got a new job you will have given you new employer the P45, and they will have used the information to set up their records. If they are notified of a change in your tax code then they will amend the records and will deal with any tax refunds (or claims) through your wage packet. There should be no need for you to send anything to the Tax Office.

To be fair they may be if you have something like a company car. Your employers may tell your tax office, but it may not be until the end of the year - this means you will have a bigger laibility the following year (even a negative tax code).

The onus is on you to tell the tax office, not your employer.

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Thanks both of you! I have actually gone back into full time education now anyway, so I will definitely need to inform them myself.

Thanks again, zip x

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Sending Wage Slips

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